• Spring 2017 Caribbean Island Adventure

    Posted on January 12 2017

      Please join FRECKLED CHICKEN on a Spring 2017 Island Adventure. We are loving - the colors - the flavors - the flowers - THE FASHION!Soon you will be seeing flowers blooming,...

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  • Freckled Chicken at Dallas Market in Willa West!

    Posted on October 25 2016

    Come see us! FRECKLED CHICKEN @ DALLAS MARKETOctober 25-29, 2016 @ Willa West Showroom #15010

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  • Fall Happenings...

    Posted on July 24 2016

      We're all about cactus, arrows, and the Southwest for fall 2016. In the line, you will find nods to traditional embroidery, fringe, more fringe, and fringe again as well...

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  • Who, What, Where, When

    Posted on June 28 2016

    Hi All! Wondering what we have been doing?  What’s going on with F.C.?  Where’s the bus?  How can we get a few Freckled Chicken Dresses? Well, here’s the low down...

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  • Spotlight: BackPack Jacket

    Posted on October 07 2015

      This is the time of year the jacket ideas start to flow.Pictured above is the fox version of our BackPack Jacket. If I've learned anything, it's put a pocket on...

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  • Falling Into Fall

    Posted on September 10 2015

    Finally getting that fall feeling.  Temperature is dropping below "melting" and now holding at "warm, but doable".  What a relief.  Which is why fall is finally arriving in bits and...

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  • Today's my birthday

    Posted on September 01 2015

    49 Today I turn forty-nine years old.  Yay!  Not a big deal.  Some folks like to remind you on your “9” birthdays that the “big one” is next year.  “Oh...

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  • I HEART School Supplies

    Posted on July 15 2015

    I've been out of school for a long, long time, but still get excited about the "Back-to-school" season.  You know the season, when the kids are really enjoying summer and thinking...

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  • Big News about a Big Bus

    Posted on April 27 2014

    If you haven't heard, seen, or been following our Facebook feed....we restored a big ol' bus!  We acquired a 30' yellow school bus (off of Craig's List) and intended to...

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