About Us

 Freckled Chicken is a small artisan line started by Holly Hester in 2006. She has 25 years experience in the apparel industry and has worked for several leading women's apparel companies. However, she didn’t find her true design "voice" until her daughter was born. Avalon was in first grade when mom (a.k.a. freckled chicken) began making skirts for her from favorite fabrics saved over the years. Once Holly started making and selling the skirts at local markets she realized children's clothing was her true design love!!!

The Freckled Chicken point of view is wholesome, comfortable and personal. Each item is designed knowing the right little girl will find her favorite piece.

With Ozina, a 30' painted orange school bus boutique we hope to bring our clothes to you.  Holly, Mike and Avalon are hitting the road!  We're traveling to apparel destinations heading for wild adventures.  If you see us please come say "Hi".

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