I HEART School Supplies

I've been out of school for a long, long time, but still get excited about the "Back-to-school" season.  You know the season, when the kids are really enjoying summer and thinking it will never end...then, BAM! Stores start loading up on pencils, and notebook paper, and rulers, and pens, and markers, and tape, and....Ahhhhhh!  Too much!!!!  I can't even go to the local dollar store without coming out with a hand full of highlighters.  

Although, sometimes I actually do need some of the items I buy.  For instance, I can never have enough pencils.  Paper is also a much needed item.  I do a lot of sketching and printing.  Highlighters are pretty useful.  Maybe I don't have to have every color, but there is a definite need between the fat tip highlighter and the fine line.  Plus, I use a lot of rulers.  I do.  I use different kinds for sewing and cutting materials and drafting patterns.  Rubber bands and paper clips are self explanatory.  I use the folders to organize my ideas and bills.  But now, the graphic spirals..they're just pretty.

I'd say my addiction to school supplies is second only to my fabric addiction. (See exhibit A)

Exhibit A

But seriously folks, if you are in the Dallas area on August 1st, 2015, please stop by Northpark Mall (8687 N. Central Expy.  Dallas, TX 75225) between 1-5 pm.  Esty Dallas will be holding their 2nd annual Craft for Crayons event. 
Drop off school supplies with Etsy Dallas and then join them for crafting goodness.  All ages welcome.  The supplies and donations collected will go to GIRLS INCORPORATED OF METROPOLITAN DALLAS to help support and make a positive difference in young girls lives.
Level one between Nordstrom and Macy's. Price is Free!!!
Thank you!

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