Today's my birthday


Today I turn forty-nine years old.  Yay!  Not a big deal.  Some folks like to remind you on your “9” birthdays that the “big one” is next year.  “Oh my goodness, you’re going to be _old next year!”  That’s okay.  I learned at 29 not to waste that last precious year of the decade.  All the “gonna be’s….” and “you’re about to’s” wasted time and energy, and I could have been 29 for a whole year!  I didn’t even realize it.  What a goof!

I’ve caught on however, and now I celebrate until the last moment of the “9 year”. Oh yes, I will firmly be in my forties until midnight (CST) August 31st, 2016.

No, it’s not a vanity thing (I wouldn’t be writing this post if it was).  It’s a lesson learned about appreciating the moment, being grateful for what you have now, and knowing all will be fine when the “big” one hits.  By “big” one, I mean birthday of course.

So happy birthday other “9’ers”.  Let’s eat cake!

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